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Portable Eye Wash Station

Why use a Portable Eye Wash Station?

Portable eye wash stations can be a better option than a plumbed eye wash station. Portable eye wash stations are advisable wherever plumbing is unavailable or unreliable. Placement of emergency eye wash stations is critical and covered by OSHA regulation. Complying with these requirements is much easier with a portable eye wash station which can be located wherever it is needed. Easy transportation to the site of an emergency is also possible when using a portable eye wash station.

Gravity Fed Eye Wash Stations

We stock a range of gravity fed eye wash stations. Gravity fed eye wash stations operate by means of gravity. The water is stored at a higher elevation than the nozzle, allowing the weight to provide sufficient flow to meet ANSI standards on three gallons of water per minute. Our portable eye wash station is capable of running uninterrupted for at least 15 minutes.

Emergency Eye Wash Stations

The Emergency Eye Wash Station provides effective and immediate first aid eye irrigation, which is critical to helping people with eye injuries. Usually consisting of one or two bottles, filled with eyewash solution, the emergency eye wash solution is an extremely portable eye wash station, allowing it to be used at the site of an emergency. However, the small size of an emergencv eye wash station, suggests that they should be backed up with more robust eye wash stations.

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4 Item(s)