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GHS Training

Train your employees in OSHA's new Globally Harmonized System

What is GHS?

GHS(Globally Harmonized System) was developed by the United Nations to be adopted as a worldwide program. The Globally Harmonized System creates a consistent system of classifying chemical hazards on labels, safety data sheets through standardization. This was achieved by a combination of hazard statements, hazard symbols and hazard signal words.

When did OSHA implement GHS?

The UN’s GHS lays out the standardization practices for participating countries but does not enforce compliance. Each country is responsible for adopting and implementing the GHS through their enforcement agencies, like the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). On March 26, 2012, OSHA published the final rule to revise the Hazard Communication Standard §1910.1200 to align with the GHS.

When is the deadline for providing training?

You must start your training right away. OSHA has mandated that employees must be trained by December 1st, 2013. See the timeline below.

What do I need to do now?

STEP 1. Train your employees in the new GHS label elements.

STEP 2.Train your employees in the new safety data sheet (SDS) format.